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INCO Engineering


Mining hoists and equipment for vertical, inclined, and horizontal transport in underground mines

      The main focus of INCO engineering is put on the technology for vertical, inclined, and horizontal transport, mainly in the underground mines, but also in the open-pit ones. The extensive production plan includes hoists with a frictional disc as well as drum hoists, both of various constructions and output of up to 2 x 5500 kW, skips, cages, and other transport containers of different types and sizes including accessories, winding pulleys, mine-signaling systems, communication systems for transport containers, fully automated loading and unloading stations of skips, wagon-pushers, wagon-tipper stations, tracked wagon circuits, different kinds of conveyors, mine-ventilators including drives and regulation, as well as other machines and equipment. Another very important part of our activities revolves around modernizations and reconstructions of older mining hoists and other equipment, be it our own products or machinery and equipment manufactured by other suppliers. Newly developed individual systems are not only used for our new products, but they also find their purpose during modernizations and reconstructions. These systems include DC and AC drives, thyristor converters, digital drive regulators, microprocessor control systems, LV/HV distributors, digitalized control panels, air-conditioned cabins, model range of electro-hydraulic braking systems, disc-brake units, electro-pneumatic braking systems, model range of automated systems of bearing lubrication, central systems of visualization of operational and faulty conditions, systems of remote monitoring enabling data transport to the service center, etc.